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Experience the simple yet effective technique of removing unwanted hair. We pride ourselves on the care taken to execute each wax service and offer a full range of waxing services for both females and males.

Only the best hot wax is used for all areas of the face, underarm and bikini, while strip wax is used for larger and less sensitive areas such as the legs and arms. All waxing applicators are disposed of after each client. Metal utensils used in each treatment (such as tweezers) are sanitised between each client.

Each service is finished with an application of soothing lotion, massaged into the treated area, leaving you feeling fresh & smelling sweet with no hair being left unturned!

Waxing Services Menu

Face Waxing

Lip, Chin or Sides of Face $15
Brow Tidy $19
Brow Re-Sculpt from $45
Lip & Brow $31
Full Face with Brow Tidy $57

Body Waxing

Underarm $19
½ Arm $28
Full Arm $38
½ Leg (Lower) $28
Thigh $33
Full Leg $57
Full Leg & Basic Bikini $75
Stomach $23
Back $35
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Bikini Waxing

Basic Bikini Wax $28
Just to neaten things up, let’s take off those sides (with a strip off the top at your choice).
G-String Bikini Wax $38
Let’s step it up here! A wider strip off the sides is a must, and underneath near the buttocks all has to go too (again,
your choice on the top).
Brazilian Wax $n/a
Let’s not mess around, it’s all or nothing here…or perhaps you prefer a small strip (well that’s ok too)

Male Waxing

Chest $39
Stomach $35
Chest & Stomach $65
Back & Shoulders $55
Arms $45
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