Hand & Foot Treatments

Enjoy a range of Hand & Foot Treatments

We use our hands & feet in almost everything we do daily, so remember to treat them with care & show them some love from time to time.

At Beauty by Marysze, we offer Manicures & Pedicures in traditional, Shellac or SNS treatments, to nourish & hydrate your hands & feet. Why not try our indulgent Hand & Foot treatments to really let loose & unwind, you’ll be delighted with the results!

Hand & Foot Services

The ‘Micro’ Manicure

It may be ‘Short and Sweet’, but allow this manicure treatment to shift those tired looking nails from shabby to sharp in no time. Includes a file & shape, buff, lotion & colour of your choice.

  • 30mins $43 (H) $38 (R) each

The ‘Absolute’ Manicure

Let us take a little more time here while we treat those hands and nails to an impeccable transformation. First comes the soak, with filing, shaping & buffing a must! And then the cuticle treatment & cuticle work followed by an arm & hand massage for the finishing touch. You’re sure to be impressed with those silky soft hands and flawless finish!

  • 45mins $63 (H) $55 (R) each

The ‘Essential’ Pedicure

Take a load off & treat your feet to some tender loving care. It starts with the traditional routine of bathing your feet in essential oil infused water with filing, shaping, buffing & refining all included.

Cuticle work is then performed along with rasping to unveil that soft fresh skin underneath, followed by lotion massaged into the feet & legs with polish of your choice to go. The result; soft desirable feet, fit to fill any shoes!

  • 45mins $63 (H) $55 (R) each

The ‘Absolute’ Pedicure

Let us put back the pep in your step! Everything our traditional ‘Essential’ pedicure has to offer (soaking, filing, shaping, buffing, refining & cuticle work plus rasping) with a scrub to aid the removal of old unwanted skin layers.

Come enjoy this luxurious treatment ending with a heavenly foot & leg massage guaranteed to please any old sole.

  • 60mins $75 (H) $65 (R) each

SNS Nails Colour

  • Full Colour on Natural Nails $35 (R)

SNS Nails Colour & Removal

  • Full Colour on Natural Nails with Removal $40 (R)

Shellac Polish for Hands (manicure not included)

Simply come in & watch your nails transform into a shin & long lasting shellac finish.

  • 25mins $n/a (See Shellac Mani and Pedi below)

Shellac Polish for Feet (pedicure not included)

A beautiful & long lasting polish for the feet, enjoy the shiny chip-free finish for weeks on end.

  • 30mins $n/a (See Shellac Mani and Pedi below)

Shellac Manicure & Pedicure

It starts with a soak, your nails are then filed, trimmed, shaped & buffed. Light cuticle work is performed & lotion applied…are you ready for the shellac difference?

  • Mani – 50mins $63 (H) $55 (R)
  • Pedi – 60mins $75 (H) $65 (R)

Shellac Removal

We’ll gently soak your nails for easy removal of shellac polish, with a light file and buff followed by an application of Solar Oil to re-hydrate & nourish those cuticles.

  • 30mins $43 (H) $38 (R) each (or $17 (H) $14 (R) with any Mani or Pedi)

BEST DEAL: Complete Hand & Foot Relaxation Package

Soothe your tired hands & feet with a complete hand, foot & head relaxation package that includes:

  • Havenly Hands Treatment – 60mins
  • Sole to Sole Foot Treatment – 60mins
  • Head & Scalp Massage – 20mins
  • BONUS! Pomegranate & Jojoba Lotion – yours to enjoy FREE, normally priced at $16.95

Duration: 140mins
Normally Priced: $
Package Price: $